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“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” - Jane Jacobs

Casco Viejo - Conservatorio S.A.

Bettering quality of life for all through urban revitalization

We believe that no country can be healthy if its cities are sick, and no city can be truly healthy without a vibrant, safe, dense urban core. We exist to revitalize sustainably, inclusively and profitably.

We believe that real estate developers have an enormous responsibility to the world and that the real estate industry has a lever it can pull towards social progress. We exist to pull that lever.

We believe that culture is both the glue that holds societies together and the lubricant of positive change. We exist to ensure culture has its place in the city.

We believe that profits and purpose must be mutually reinforcing. We believe that over the long-term the interests of communities and capital can be aligned. We exist to prove that thesis.

Our Business is human centered
real estate development and management

Value Chain Conservatorio S.A.

In the words of Jaime Lerner, the visionary former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, we believe that “dense cities are the solution, not the problem”; it is urban sprawl that is creating a debt future generations won’t be able to pay.

We exist to be part of the solution.

Casa Korsi

Calle 15 y Calle B, Santa Ana

Casa Korsi,

para aquellos que desean vivir en comunidad.

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Santa Familia

Between 4th and 5th street, Casco Antiguo

Beachfront living in Casco Antiguo.

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La Quince

In Development

Six buildings in a three block area intends to transform Santa Ana into a thriving residential, commercial and cultural district.

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La Manzana

In Development

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