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At last, office spaces in Casco with parking and broadband!

Insider 17 . 09 . 2018

El Colegio 2 was designed for Casco to work in Casco. When designed well, your work environment touches and shapes behavior, perceptions, and interactions. At El Colegio 2, we believe your surroundings will shape your work as much as you will shape your surroundings.

El Colegio 2 was built in the belief that Casco needed a new kind of workspace. It’s the first full service office building designed to take advantage of Casco’s quintessential creative spirit for those who want to work at Panama’s ground zero for creative professionals and institutions.

But it comes with zero compromises for the needs of every modern business. El Colegio 2 offers flexible, open layout, loft and showroom spaces, ready to be tailored to your business. Match that to a state-of-the-art, security controlled parking system for 31 cars, broadband internet and a host of modern amenities, and it becomes the ideal creative playground to inspire colleagues and clients as they, too, become a core part of this neighborhood.

El Colegio 2 was built for today’s creative spirits, techpreneurs, and advertising and marketing minds, as a way of letting businesses become one with the neighborhood. So, design your ideal workspace at El Colegio 2 and let it nurture the innovative spirit at the core of your business.

As you make El Colegio 2 your own, you’ll celebrate Casco’s collective energy, foster brand activations, connect with like-minded folks, and get noticed, right at the heart of Casco.

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