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How El Colegio 2 solved Casco’s quintessential dilemma: parking

Event 16 . 10 . 2018

How do you retain the charm of a historic neighborhood yet solve the impossible feat of finding parking, all the while keeping your blood pressure in check?  

That’s one of the problems we set out to solve at El Colegio 2 in Casco Viejo.

Our Challenges

  • We wanted to minimize the space we used while maximizing the number of parking spots.
  • We wanted it to blend in visually with the neighborhood and El Colegio 2.

Catch 22 for Casco, you say?

The Solution

Meet our partner, award-winning German company Klaus Multiparking, who had recently completed a parking system for The Shard in London. We chose them -- or perhaps they chose us -- because they say it’s challenges like these that make them tick.

And that’s how it was born -- our innovative, semi-automatic solution is not only a first in Casco, but in Panama too.

Klaus combined two of its most popular semi-automatic TrendVario 4300 and TrendVario4000 parking system. In layman’s terms that means a drive-through system with additional underground parking spaces beneath. The parking spaces can be shifted horizontally and vertically, so no matter where you’re parked, your car can be retrieved independently within minutes.

We thought we had space for 12 cars in tandem. We ended up with 31. Klaus calls it the David Copperfield effect.

And, add the security of an enclosed space to the mix and you have total reassurance that your car’s safe while you’re at the office at El Colegio 2.  

About Klaus Multiparking GmbH

Klaus Multiparking is headquartered in Aitrach, Baden-Württemberg, the birthplace of the motor vehicle. A leading supplier of vehicle parking systems, Klaus has installed over 600,000 parking spaces, including solutions for dependent or independent parking, double parkers, duplex parkers and stack parkers and its various awards include the Innovation Prize of the Federal German State of Baden-Württemberg.

Klaus was founded in 1907 as a wheelwright’s shop in Bad Tölz (Bavaria) and has been making parking systems since 1964. Its parking solutions are produced in Germany and tailored to individual requirements.

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