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La Quince advances post COVID-19

casco antiguo 1 . 06 . 2020


Our construction team is ready to continue raising #LaQuinceSantaAna as soon as the construction industry receives the necessary authorization from the national authorities.

As current owners or potential buyers, you are probably wondering how long certain processes that impact the delivery of your apartments will be delayed.

So while we wait to return to the construction area, we want to share some important updates and approximate dates regarding La Quince.

Occupancy permits

- Casa Balcones: 40 days after the relevant government institutions resume operations.

- La Manzana: 120 days after the relevant government institutions resume operations.

Incorporation of PH

- Casa Balcones: 120 days after obtaining the occupancy permit.

- La Manzana: 90 days after obtaining the occupancy permit.

Casa Korsi and Casa Quijano

We estimate to obtain the construction permit for both projects in the next 2-3 months. To do this we must wait for the relevant government institutions to resume operations.

We estimate the approximate delivery of Casa Korsi within 25 months and 19 months for Casa Quijano.

It is extremely important for us to reiterate that these dates and periods are approximates that we have predicted after conducting various internal evaluations taking into account the current situation.

As the pandemic has taught us, flexibility, adaptation and speed of response are key qualities to face the new challenges that the future will propose.

You can be sure that one of our priorities during this time is and will be to mobilize and expedite all the corresponding processes to finish building and delivering La Quince successfully.






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