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1 . 04 . 2021

It seems that every day we get a new reminder of the impacts that our current practices as society have on our natural environment and the dangers that represents to our livelihoods. Experts have stated that “we will likely cross threshold for dangerous warming (+1.5 C) between 2027 and 2042”, according to a study published in Climate Dynamics. Therefore, we need to make it a global imperative for all of us reflect on our current business practice and analyze any opportunity to lead the charge in promoting and executing environmentally sustainable practices.

To make those sustainable practices accessible to the construction industry, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) produced the Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE). EDGE is a green building certification system specially designed for emerging markets. In order to achieve certification, projects need to achieve a 20% reduction on energy, water and embodied energy in materials.


EDGE provides a free publicly available software that allows you to measure your energy reductions and determine the most costeffective ways to develop resource-efficient buildings. It also allows you to calculate utility and carbon footprints reductions. With the information provided by the tool you can also calculate the time it will take to earn back any extra cost through operational savings, making an excellent tool for companies to adopt in their road to sustainability.

Conservatorio’s development projects, urban landfill projects in walkable neighborhoods, has always been inherently sustainable. Yet, as our global situation worsens, we know that we need to put emphasis in our environmental practices. Today, we are analyzing the opportunities in our practices to help minimize our environmental footprint. Among the initiatives we plan on using EDGE software as our guiding tool in measuring our environmental performance regarding building developments.

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