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18 . 03 . 2021

Let's face it, healthcare and the quality of health services is a big factor when making the decision to move abroad. Happily, Panama is at the top of the list with some of the most modern, high tech hospitals in all of Latin America. We are also a popular destination for medical tourism, because many Panamanian doctors have been educated in the United States and speak English.


Healthcare Value

Compared to North America and Europe, our healthcare system is of excellent value for money. We have several private insurance companies that can provide coverage for as low as $35 a month. Typically, these plans cover between 80 to 100 % of surgery, hospitalization, medication and therapy, while some policies have add-ons that cover treatment in the U.S. upon recommendation from your doctor. Our medical fees and hospital stays are much cheaper than in the U.S. and it is common to find doctors who practice both in the U.S. and Panama. In fact, Panama City even has hospitals associated with American institutions like Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic among others.


The Best Hospitals in Panama City


  1. Centro Medico Paitilla

One of the oldest private hospitals in Panama, Centro Medico Paitilla has the best oncology unit in the country. It is also affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic, with the two hospitals hosting a joint conference in Panama City each year.

  1. Clinica Hospital San Fernando

Providing medical services in Panama City for over 60 years, Clinica Hospital San Fernando is associated with a number of American institutions, including Miami Children’s Hospital, Baptist Health International of Miami, and Tulane University Health Services Center.

  1. Hospital Nacional

Hospital Nacional is a private medical center in Panama City and is managed by the American Hospital Management Company, which is associated with the Kendall Medical Center in Florida and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

  1. Hospital Punta Pacífica

Hospital Punta Pacifica is one of the most technically-advanced medical facilities  in Latin America, with its state-of-the-art diagnostics and videoconferencing, which allows authorized doctors from around the world to watch surgeries and view and analyze patient data. It is also the only hospital in Central America to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

  1. The Panama Clinic

Opened in 2020, The Panama Clinic is a boutique hospital in Panama City. Centrally located in a dynamic mixed-use complex that includes a shopping centre, a business tower and a hotel, the medical center provides friendly and intimate patient care and is also affiliated with Philadelphia International Medicine.



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